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Free 1-hour Seminar or Keynote Address!

Tab Edwards will deliver a free 1-hour “Doing Your Job:

Successfully” seminar or keynote address (qualifications apply). Topics:

  • 10 Steps Toward Job-Success
  • Mutual Manager-Associate Success at Work
  • Two Faces of the Performance Plan
  • “The 70-20-9-1 Rule” of Job-Success
  • On Job-Performance Improvement

Speaking Engagements

Whether inspiring audiences, motivating teams, or delivering keynote addresses, Tab is prepared to deliver information that will motivate your team to higher performance levels and provide them with useful information, doing so in an entertaining, engaging, and uplifting manner.

Job-Success Workshops

The Job-Success Workshop is a 4-hour to 2-day working session involving managers and direct-reports (ideally) that incorporates all facets of job performance including: Validating and ensuring alignment between goals and objectives; Assessing the root causes of underperformance; Identifying gaps between workers’ capabilities and job requirements; and Developing individual and joint plans between individual contributors and managers to ensure a higher degree of success

Coaching Workshops

Customizable team and individual coaching workshops focusing topics including: Individual and team goal-attainment; Sales optimization and team effectiveness; Manager coaching and strategy proficiency; Business-unitlevel and team-based strategy & strategy execution; and Effective presentation skills, public speaking, and communication.

Business Process Improvement Workshops

By providing organizations with a clear benchmark of their current performance and the issues impeding progress and goal-attainment, we work with you to identify areas of inefficiency, underperformance & high cost, and to define improvement solutions. The aim is to reduce costs, improve efficiency, upgrade performance, and deliver a sustainable competitive advantage.

Sales Workshops and Keynote Addresses

Providing organizations with end-to-end sales insight and optimization support, including:

  • Improving Sales Rep Effectiveness
  • Beyond Sales Training; Toward Sales Optimization
  • Assessing Sales Proficiency Toward Improving it
  • “Lessons of the Navel Orange” Sales Improvement Workshop and Keynote Address (5-Star!)
  • The Effective Sales Manager
  • The link between call preparedness and success



Tab Edwards

Tab Edwards is a thought-leading business services consultant, best-selling author, speaker, and educator who works with business and organization leaders, and individual contributors globally to help them make better, more informed decisions, convert those decisions into actions, and deliver sustainable success. Over the years, he has worked with nearly half of the Fortune@Top 50 corporations on topics that include business-unit-level strategy & execution, business process improvement, sales optimization, and workforce performance improvement.

His principles have been adopted by organizations around the globe, and his best-practices have been implemented by firms of every type, including global enterprises, corporations, SMBs, start-ups, public sector organizations, universities, and non-profits. His workshops, coaching sessions, seminars, and speaking engagements are highly-regarded and have been delivered to general audiences and professionals at organizations, big and small.

Tab is the author of ten books—including an Amazon best-seller—on the topics of strategy execution, sales and salesforce effectiveness, business process improvement, and personal achievement. His latest book, “Doing Your Job: Successfully” (5/2018), provides a prescription for how workers and managers can achieve sustainable job- success, in whichever job they may hold.

He has held global consulting and leadership positions at some of the world’s most admired companies, including: IBM Corporation, General Electric, AmerisourceBergen, and Hewlett-Packard, where he achieved the highly- coveted yet infrequently-attained distinction of Master-Level Consultant.

Education: The University of Pittsburgh (BA, accounting); The Pennsylvania State University (MBA, markeating); Doctoral pursuit (Pace University, Lubin School of Business)

Tab is from Philadelphia, PA.

Philadelphia, PA. 19129, United States